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Your one-stop-shop for optimal treasury and trade solutions – Cash management, Payments, Risk management, FX, and Working capital all in one place.

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Ceviant is committed to helping businesses make informed decisions with their money in order to maximize their success and minimize their risk.

Our comprehensive treasury, payments, risk management, FX and working capital solutions provide businesses with visibility, controls, productivity, and data-driven decision making to ensure they make the right choices for their financial future.

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Ceviant provides tailored solutions for companies of any size, with centralized or decentralized operations, to help you successfully manage your treasury processes.

Our solutions

Cash management and payment solutions to manage liquidity, payables / receivables, cash flow visibility, and multi-country / currency accounts for informed financial decisions.


Manage global payments with support for over 30 currencies and multiple payment networks. Minimize currency exchange losses and ensure compliance with your organization’s payment policy.


Access competitive foreign exchange rates, reduce FX risk, and simplify currency conversion.

Supports 30+ currencies.


Streamline your domestic and international trade activities with reliable and comprehensive solutions throughout the entire trade value chain.


We provide flexible escrow solutions with rapid turnaround times to ensure successful business transactions.


Smarter and simpler treasury management

Ceviant's single platform manages all your corporate treasury needs, providing real-time visibility and control over bank accounts, payments, FX, and trade finance functions.

Why companies trust us

We offer the best accounting and expense tracking for ambitious businesses.


Best-in-class technology & payments infrastructure

Our API technology platform is embedded within global payment rails to streamline the payment process in terms of speed, security, certainty and price.


Compliance & operational excellence

Ceviant’s compliance and operations support teams help with customer onboarding, KYC / KYB checking and transaction performance.


Global operational accounts

We offer global operational multi currency accounts for faster collections and reconciliation.



Reconcile receivables in a simple and automated manner. Our reconciliation service automatically updates back end systems, realtime.

Ceviant helps businesses protect and grow liquidity.

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