Core is the new version of Entity Framework after EF 6.x. It is open-source, lightweight, extensible and a cross-platform version of Entity Framework data access technology. In this post, we modeled an entertainment problem domain using code-first design. In addition to modeling, we applied our schema to an SQLite database. Finally, we used the expressiveness of LINQ to generate SQL queries and return our result set. EF Core users who want to write the query starting with the Ratings property cannot currently do so due to some EF Core query generator limitations.

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This tutorial provides a hands-on approach to the subject with step-by-step program examples that will assist you in learning and putting the acquired knowledge into practice. We store each entity type within the same Productions table, which EF Core manages for us. By executing the command, we will build our current EF Core project and create our initial migrations. Since migrations are chronological, the prefix is an essential tool for making sense of the changes occurring to our schema.

EF Core Database Providers

However, it can also be used with standard .NET 4.5+ framework based applications. In the year 2008, Microsoft introduced what is entity framework as part of .NET Framework 3.5. Currently, two latest versions of Entity Framework are available one is EF 6 (works with .NET Framework), and another is EF Core (works with .NET or .NET Core). ORMs Tools are used to increase the developer’s productivity by reducing the redundant task of doing CRUD operations against a database in a .NET Application.

But if there is any mistake, please post the problem in the contact form. This figure shows where the Entity Framework fits in the application. The following figure describes where the Entity Framework present in your application.

Code-first modeling

Learn Entity Framework DB-First, Code-First and EF Core step by step. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms
of use and privacy policy. There are other ORMs in the marketplace, such as NHibernate and LLBL Gen Pro. Most ORMs typically map the type of the domain directly to the schema of the database. As we can see, EF Core passes our value of 1 to the database as a parameter. Any constant we define in C# will be added as either a parameter or hardcoded into the SQL Query.

Entity Framework is an Object-Relational Mapper which enable the .NET developers to work with the database using the .NET objects. It eliminates the need for accessing the code of the data that developers need to write. Entity Framework Core uses a provider model to access many different databases.

Entity Framework has come a long way since its original inception. Entity Framework (EF) is an open source[2] object–relational mapping (ORM) framework for ADO.NET. It was originally shipped as an integral part of .NET Framework, however starting with Entity Framework version 6.0 it has been delivered separately from the .NET Framework. Learn Entity Framework using simple yet practical examples on for free.

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Entity Framework is an open-source ORM framework for .NET applications supported by Microsoft. It enables developers to work with data using objects of domain specific classes without focusing on the underlying database tables and columns where this data is stored. Entity Framework is an open-source object-relational mapper framework for .NET applications supported by Microsoft. It eliminates the need for most of the data-access code which is used to interact with the database that developers usually need to write. It provides an abstract level to the developers to work with a relational table and columns by using the domain-specific object.

Our subject matter is Entertainment, both movies and television, which we’ll call Productions. I hope as folks read these sentences, they start to formulate the relationships in their mind. We’ll design a schema for entertainment productions using a code-first approach, migrate an SQLite database to our schema’s current incarnation, seed our database, and run some typical LINQ queries. Entity framework in C# is an object relational mapping framework. In this article, we will see how to use Entity Framework in a C# application.

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