Cross-border payments

Effortlessly manage cross-border payments, minimize currency exchange losses, and ensure compliance.

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Global payments made easy.

We offer fast, easy, and secure cross-border payments in all major currencies. We simplify the process of sending and receiving money internationally, handling currency exchange and compliance to ensure that your transactions are secure and affordable.

With our help, you can make global payments as simple as local ones.

Competitive foreign exchange rates

We leverage our global network to offer wholesale FX rates and minimize costs.

Fast, low-cost transfers

Send and receive cross-border payments within 1-2 business days at lower fees. Our Swift Global Payments Innovation (GPI) solution simplifies cross-border payments, enabling faster transactions and improved cash flow. Our free, secure GPI Tracker provides real-time payment visibility while safeguarding sensitive data.

24/7 payments

Initiate payments anytime via our easy-to-use online and mobile platforms.

Advanced payment options

Choose from wire transfers, local bank transfers, and credit / debit card payments across different countries and currencies.

Full transparency

Track the status of all your cross-border payments in real-time. View details such as exchange rates applied and fees charged for each transaction.

Ceviant helps businesses protect and grow liquidity.